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Service Stack Orchestration & Scheduling

Ease Stack can help to orchestrating and scheduling a whole service stack. We can define the whole service stack manifest, and deploy a number of services at one. This system majorly includes the following features:

  • Stack Formation

    Define a stack manifest which describes each service Docker image, instances, resource, deployment(Docker), and dependencies etc. Ease Stack can launch the whole architecture in one command. The could make it easy to initialize an environment.

  • Stack Life-cycle Management

    Each service in stack could be different state - Provision, Ready, Update, Scale, Destroy etc. The Ease Stack could manage the state and keep the whole stack running with a its well defined life-cycle management.

  • Stack Scaling

    It's very easy to scaling the individual service by invoking a very simple API, and balancing the load to the new service nodes.

  • Service Failure Recovery

    Help to recovery failure instance, and maintain the number of service's instances forcibly.

  • Engage the DevOps

    Leverage the engineering team engage to DevOps and increase the productivity and the automation of operation.

Ease Stack Features