Ease Mesh star

Efficient, Spring Cloud Stack-compatible Service Mesh Solution

EaseMesh is a solution for better service governance. It is full Service-based view observability dedicated to achieving better diagnosing service runtime problems and examining service status. It also has rich service governance features. EaseMesh focuses on the Java domain. Lowest migration cost for Java applications. It is Kubernetes compliance and easy to integrate with Kubernetes-based solutions.

  • Non-intrusive Design

    Zero code modification for Java Spring Cloud application migration, only small configuration update needed.

  • Java Register/Discovery

    Compatible with popular Java Spring Cloud ecosystem's Service register/discovery(Eureka/Consul/Nacos).

  • Traffic Orchestration

    Coloring & Scheduling east-west and north-south traffic to configured services.

  • Resource Management

    Rely on Kubernetes platform for CPU/Memory resources management.

  • Canary Deployment

    Routing requests based on colored traffic and different versions of the service.

  • Resilience

    Including Timeout/CircuitBreaker/Retryer/Limiter, completely follow sophisticated resilience design.

  • Observability

    Including Metrics/Tracing/Log, e.g. HTTP Response code distribution, JVM GC counts, JDBC fully SQL sentences, Kafka/RabbitMQ/Redis metrics, open tracing records, access logs, and so on. With such abundant and services-oriented data, developers/operators can diagnosis where the true problems happened, and immediately take corresponding actions.

Ease Mesh Features